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Porcelain Bridges

A porcelain bridge involves replacing a missing tooth that has existing, functional teeth on either side of it. This procedure is called a “bridge” because the replacement tooth actually “bridges” the gap between the two existing teeth.


The replacement tooth is generally a porcelain composite bonded to a metal frame, which gives it both exceptional strength and beauty, and will match the appearance of your surrounding teeth. Other possibilities include gold (at your request) or porcelain alone, depending on the bite situation. Here are some examples of our patients’ teeth after they’ve had gaps in their smiles replaced with porcelain or other appropriate bridges.


Porcelain Bridge | Dental Bridge | Reconstructive Dentistry Eugene


The procedure on the first visit begins with x-rays, of course, to assure that the teeth on both sides of the missing tooth are healthy enough to support the bridge. Next, Brian will prepare the adjacent teeth in order to form the support posts. Next, impressions of the area are taken. That usually concludes your first visit.


Between visits, Brian will send your impressions to a dental lab in order to prepare your bridge.


On your next visit, your new bridge will be fit with a temporary adhesive, to make sure that your bridge fits well and is comfortable. If it doesn’t, it will go back to the lab and we’ll schedule another appointment; this happens very rarely. If the bridge does fit well, on your next visit Brian will attach it with a permanent adhesive.


Brian has been extensively trained in the proper use and application of bridges, and spends time each year in continuing education to keep up with the latest developments. After dental school, Brian invested considerable time and expense as a post doctoral fellow at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute, one of the most respected cosmetic dental training centers in the world.


Brian is one of Eugene’s most qualified dentists in the area of porcelain bridges, and can provide you with considerable guidance and expertise as to whether they are appropriate in your situation, or whether a tooth implant would be more appropriate.