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Oral HPV

At ArtWork Dental, we screen every patient for oral cancer.

One person per hour in the United States dies of oral cancer, and the risk has increased over 300% in the past thirty years. This is why we feel it’s important to our patients to know whether they are at risk.

This is especially true since there are generally no symptoms for oral cancer, which makes it unusually difficult to detect before it’s life-threatening. Over 80% of those afflicted with oral cancer said that they hadn’t detected any symptoms at all before it was diagnosed in advanced stages by their doctors.


We use non-invasive testing

We believe in the use of non-invasive, simple tests that don’t add to your stress or discomfort during your visit with us. While comfortable, however, let us assure you that these are powerful, medically valid tests to help us detect the possibility of oral cancer.

With cancer, early detection is key. These tests allow us to screen you for increased risks long before it can develop into anything dangerous.



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