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Smile Gallery

Porcelain Veneers

Picture #1 Patient unhappy with teeth. We redid upper with Veneer and crowns as

seen in picture #2.


Patient Steve is the before with stainied teeth patient was not happy with the look of

his teeth. We redid his upper teeth with veneers. 


Picture #1 is the before on a patient that had 2 20+ year old crowns on the very front

teeth Picture#2 is the after with two new all ceramic crowns placed on the front teeth.


Picture #1 Severe Decay we took out all the decay and restored the teeth with all

ceramic crowns as seen in picture #2.


Picture #1 was a patient that had missing teeth as well as decay we restored his

upper teeth by doing new crowns and bridge as seen in picture #2.

Mouth Reconstruction

Picture #1 This was on a lady who had a full mouth reconstruction 20+ years ago,

we redid all of her teeth in a full mouth reconstruction as seen in picture #2.


Picture #1 was a patient that had a birth defect discoloring all of the teeth we did a

full mouth rehab with crowns as seen in picture #2.

CEREC Crowns

These teeth had multiple amalgam fillings that were replaced with cerec inlays on onlays.