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CEREC Crowns – CAD / CAM

Not too many years ago, the only way to get a tooth crowned involved several visits to your dentist over as many weeks to prepare the tooth, measure the tooth for a crown, manufacture the crown at a dental lab, and finally—sometimes after several fittings— fit the tooth properly. This whole routine can take as much as two months.


In fact, most dentists still use this procedure with their patients.


Thanks to the advances of two different technologies—Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)—after preparing your tooth, we can now design, fabricate, and fit you with a perfect crown in just a single, two-hour visit!


More good news: fitting your mouth doesn’t require that Brian make s a mold of your teeth (no filling your mouth with anything unpleasant to create an impression). Using a tiny, handheld camera called a Omnicam®, Brian scans your teeth digitally within three minutes.

This wonderful time-saving and comfort development is made possible through the CEREC milling InLab® system developed by Sirona Dental Systems, LLC, a 40-year-old leader in this technology (


By feeding your tooth’s measurements into a computer program, the CEREC milling machine will automatically cut a perfectly fitting crown out of a solid block of a hardened enamel like substance in just a few minutes, while you wait. Your new tooth is solid, beautiful, and designed to last a lifetime. And it fits perfectly.


Brian is a master in CEREC using their technology for 14 years.  Brian has earned the prestige honor of training other Dentists on how to use the system effectively with their own patients.


For more information or video presentation of how this works, go to Cerec’s Website.



CEREC Crown Before & After


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