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Porcelain Veneers

The easiest and least invasive method to repair irregularly shaped, cracked, or badly discolored teeth—as well as to brighten up your smile—is by applying a veneer. Veneers resemble a face lift for your teeth.


Brian cements thin pieces of specially shaped porcelain directly onto your teeth. They cover any flaws or discoloration, and give your teeth a uniformly bright, consistent, attractive appearance. They give you that movie star smile you’ve always wanted.


You might wish to see some examples of “Before and After” pictures of some of our patients’ smiles after applying porcelain veneers.


Brian likes veneers for several reasons:

First, once the teeth are healthy (cavities filled, breaks mended, etc) applying a veneer is both painless and easy.
Second, the procedure requires little or no tooth preparation—hence no pain for you, the patient. As long as the tooth is healthy, we can apply a veneer.

Ask us about porcelain veneers. Brian or any qualified member of his staff will be happy to discuss these options with you.

Before                                    After

A patient that wanted his front diastma fixed without having to do orthodontics

we placed veneers on his upper two teeth fixing the diastma

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