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Gum Charting & Diagnostics Services

On one of your first visits with us, we will “chart” your gums. Whether you are a new patient, or we’ve been seeing you for some time, this is one of your most important examinations.


Gum Charting

This process involves a close examination of your gum line and the surfaces of each tooth in order to determine the health and conditions of your teeth and gums. It is usually done when we first x-ray your mouth. We note any missing or broken teeth, the level of periodontal (gum) disease (if any) you may be experiencing, and any other oral health problems. This information is recorded on a special piece of software and stored in your personal file (again, in our efforts to eliminate paper in our office).

This chart diagrams each and every tooth and the surrounding gum tissue. Below, you will see an example of what this looks like:


Diagnostic Services

Brian reviews this highly detailed information personally, diagnosing any tooth and periodontal problems. He then develops an individual plan for any necessary treatment, as well as determines a preventive maintenance schedule to assure your continued dental health.

This plan will form the basis of (a) your initial treatment, as well as (b) your ongoing maintenance program to support your continuing good dental health.

Of course, regular visits with Brian will include oral examinations and x-rays as necessary components to catch new cavities or other changes in tooth surfaces.