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Dental Re-Contouring and Tooth Re-Shaping

Virtually all of us have slight flaws in our teeth. Imperfections or problems such as front teeth that overlap, gaps between teeth, irregularly shaped teeth, chips or cracks, or excessively pointy canines can often be unsightly. Even if others don’t notice them you know they’re there, and this can undermine your confidence.

Tooth reshaping and dental contouring is probably the easiest way to handle these issues. This process involves working on each tooth individually, resurfacing bumps and filling in gaps and thin enamel. Other technologies, such as porcelain veneers, may be employed to complete the process.

Brian’s extensive post-doctoral education and experience in reconstructive dentistry is only part of the story. His reputation as a true artist in this field has people traveling to Eugene from all over the country to have him work on their smiles.

Look at several examples of our patients who have had tooth reshaping and dental contouring, and the extraordinary difference it made to their smiles.

(Examples of reshaping and contouring patients)